Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Medical Payments Coverage or Med Pay

The single biggest learning experience and regret that the majority of my personal injury clients have is either not having any, or not enough Medical Payment Insurance Coverage, or Med Pay. Med Pay is a coverage that you can purchase from your auto insurance agent. Med Pay is CHEAP!!! This post has moved to our new blog. Please follow this link for the full post: Medical Payments Coverage or Med Pay.


  1. Med Pay solves a heap of trouble, especially if you're in a bind. Unbeknownst to the injured party, this is not merely a privilege but rather a paid premium in most insurance firms. This also helps a lawyer take care of the paperwork, documents, and fees involved.

    Guy Chambliss

    1. Great point, med pay is really very necessary and much cheaper than most people think. Basic liability doesn't really cover anyone you care about, talk to your agent about it.

  2. Great comment. Med pay is really a necessity, and not an optional coverage as it is sold to everyone. Get as much as you can afford, it is surprisingly cheap!